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  1. 52

    Jo Blitz Escotal - 4 hours ago

    (Greater Chicago Area)

    Jo Blitz is a very detailed instructor who finds creative ways & ideas to keep the class involved. He kept the entire class moltivated by giving examples of real life scenarios & continued to push the importance of "why we are here". I would recommend Jo to anyone looking for certifications in ANY class that he offers.

    Recommended by Eddie Cephas

  2. 44

    Lisa Hendrickson - 1 month ago

    (Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area)

    Lisa helped my mom troubleshoot a virtually new computer that had connectivity issues since she purchased it 6 months before so was basically unusable. Within one hour, Lisa had the problem licked with time to spare for cleaning and upgrading. My mom was very happy with Lisa's service. We should have called her a long time ago! Lisa is a pleasure to do business with.

    Recommended by Jana Myers Pan

  3. 39

    Dave Hatter - 3 months ago

    (Cincinnati Area)

    Our association, Allied Construction Industries recently had Dave instruct a class on LinkedIn which resulted in very positive feedback from the participants. We also reached out to Dave for answers and advice on starting our on social network platform, both public and private and blogging. Dave was kind enought to come in and meet with our association staff to review all the different platforms and our goals. He helped us realize what would work best for us and how it could benefit our members most. We have found Dave to be very knowledgeable, patient, and willing to go above and beyond to assist all who he comes in contact with. We are looking forward to working with Dave and Libertas Technologies on future projects.

    Recommended by Tammy Kerr

  4. 36

    Chad Massaker (2000+, OpenNetworker) - 9 days ago

    (Greater Atlanta Area)

    Chad Massaker and the Carceron Systems Group are an example of good old fashion hard work, above reproach work ethics, reliable - often working through the night to resolve issues, and always have a solution to any problem presented to Chad and his Associates. Chad has become a good friend over the years. I met him at Kennesaw State University when he was working as a computer technician. I watched Chad's knowledge of computers and networking grow over the years. He has always impressed me as a man who is going to get the job done (and he always has). From helping build my first computer to the CEO of his own company, his integrity, work ethics, consistent and reliable service has never changed. Way to go Chad! For excellent IT and Networking services contact Chad and Carceron Systems Group, LLC.

    Recommended by Pat Dougherty

  5. 34

    Tamra Hartman - 1 month ago

    (Greater Denver Area)

    Tamra has provided outstanding IT support to my business. Her technical knowledge is excellent. She is skilled in communicating technical information and concepts in terms that are understandable and practical to those who are not sophisticated in computer technologies.

    Recommended by Dennis Jarboe

  6. 33

    Lenny Borger - 12 hours ago

    (London, United Kingdom)

    Lenny is our guru when it comes to Apple's products. I would recommend Lenny to anyone.

    Recommended by Eran Ben Sabat

  7. 30

    Si Alhir (Sinan Si Alhir) - 1 month ago

    (United States)

    Si has done a great job coaching our software development department over the past couple of months. I have been on a couple of teams with Si and I am always amazed at his energy and eagerness to help out. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Recommended by Peter Nowak

  8. 25

    Ellis Garrett 2400+ ☼ LION | TOP LINKED ☼ - 11 hours ago

    (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area)

    Ellis was very efficient in finding the problem with our computer and correcting it. He explained what he was doing thoroughly and even scanned our computer for viruses while he was here. I would highly recommend Ellis and Mighty G Computer Solutions.

    Recommended by Anita Kelley

  9. 25

    Kenneth von Hopf - 1 month ago

    (Phoenix, Arizona Area)

    Ken is diligent and conscientious. He stresses a "customer first" attitude for his team and I have experienced this 3 times in the last year and a half. He and his team commit and follow-through with efficiency keeping you informed along the way. I will keep using him and highly recommend Tech Paramedics and Ken personally.

    Recommended by Brad Singer (

  10. 25

    Rick Bergami - 27 days ago

    (Greater Philadelphia Area)

    Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

    Recommended by David Chassey

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