Subject: MicroTrain XPress Volume 1 Issue 6

Volume 1, Issue 6, 2002 

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From Dennis' Desk

Hope everyone is having a great summer--yes it's almost the Labor Day holiday already! At MicroTrain we're always striving to be the best, offering you the best courses and instructors. For fall we've expanded our A+ course offering to include more labs and hands-on. Check out the Technology Spotlight in this issue to learn more about our A+ course.

Once you've achieved your A+ Certification one of the career fields you can pursue is the PC Technician and Support Business. To learn more about that business and if it may be the right career move for you check out our "What's Happening" article.

Thanks for reading the MicroTrain XPress, and feel free to e-mail us your comments or suggestions. We'll see you soon!

Dennis Muller,
President, MicroTrain

What's Happening

Starting Your Own PC Support Business
by Faithe Wempen,

Are you ready to break out on your own? Faithe Wempen offers these tips for deciding whether a PC support business is right for you, and what to do if it is.
by Faithe Wempen,

One way to put your hard-earned certifications to work is to get a great, high-paying job at a large company. But another way -- and maybe a better way, depending on your personality and ambitions -- can be to work for yourself at your own PC support business.

The Entrepreneur Personality:Is It Yours?
Industry upswings and downturns aside, most people succeed or fail at having their own business for one reason: their personalities. Either you are cut out to work for yourself or you aren't. Consider these factors:

Are you good at lots of different things, not just repairing computers? As a small business owner you will need to be good at making detailed business plans, talking up your business at parties, dealing congenially with customers, negotiating relationships with other businesses, and making strategic decisions about advertising and marketing -- in addition to being a great PC technician!

Are you a self-starter? Be honest, now. At your current job do you do the minimum you can get away with when the boss isn't looking, or do you try hard to complete every task conscientiously? When you're the boss there's nobody to supervise you, so if you slack off, you're only hurting yourself.

Are you willing and able to work long, irregular hours? If you have family or social commitments that keep you very busy outside of work, or you have constraints on your work schedule because of child care or other responsibilities, a steady job at an established company might better serve your scheduling needs.

Can you afford to not make much money at first? Most businesses don't make a profit the first year. That means you'll be working very hard for next-to-nothing initially. Is that acceptable to you, or do you have financial obligations that would not be met if your current income was cut in half next year?

To learn more visit:

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XPress August-September Special

A+ Course Expansion MicroTrain's A+ Course is now 56 Hours!

Sign up by September 15, and receive a FREE VHS Videotape on how to build your own PC.

Must Register by September 15 - Call John Madigan at 888-737-8512 today!

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Technology Spotlight

In this Technology Spotlight we'll talk about our expanded A+ certification course--What you'll learn in the A+ course, why did we expand it, and what are the benefits to you, our student? Jo Escotal, one of MicroTrain's A+ instructors, gives us the inside scoop on the new, bigger, better A+ Certification Course from MicroTrain.

What will students learn in the A+ Course?

Jo: The A+ course is targeted to dealing with computer hardware-they will learn
everything from basic terminology like what CPU stands, to how to install and troubleshoot CPU's. It's hands-on so students will learn to talk the talk AND walk the walk as far as basic computer skills.

How is the course set up?

Jo: The course is divided into three sections: the first section deals with the hardware of a computer, the second section deals with the operating systems, then there is a portion where we deal with test preparation. The student will learn hardware terminology, what things stand for and what the hardware and software is capable of doing, then after that they'll learn to install, configure and troubleshoot the hardware Students learn how to install drivers, how to troubleshoot software errors and more They'll learn the same about the operating systems, how to install DOS, Windows98 and Windows 2000/XP as well as troubleshoot those systems.

What is new about the expanded class, and why was it expanded?

Jo: Expanding to 56 hours lets the students have more lab and hands-on training time for students. I can prepare them better in the testing portion of the class. We can go over the tests more thoroughly, which gives students an advantage in passing the exam.

What can someone do with the A+ Certification?

Jo: When you complete the A+, you can get a basic entry level job dealing with help-desk support, or get an entry-level job as a PC technician. It's also helpful to those people who are not necessarily going into the field, but just want more of a background in computers.

What are your classes like for the students?

Jo: I like to make my classes fun--it's such a technical class, I like to have a lot of class participation. I want the students to have fun while they're learning.

About our instructor: Jo Escotal has the MCSE, MCP+I, MCP, A+, N+, INET+, CIW, MOUS, Adobe and Macromedia Certifications. He has taught IT courses for more than 10 years.

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