Connector Devices Description


10/100/1000Base T Networks Registered Jack-45, an eight wire connector use for networking
RJ11 Telephone or Modem Connector Registered Jack-11 a four or six wire connector use for Internet connections
F F Cable Modem or Cable TV F port use with cable RG59 analog and RG6 digital use with cable modem or tv
BNC 10Base2 Bayonet Nut Connector use with RG58 coaxial cables
DIN/5 AT Keyboard Deutsche Industrinorm connector that is use to connect an AT keyboard
PS/2 ATX Keyboard or Mouse Personal System 2 connector or ATX connector developed by IBM to connect an ATX Keyboard (purple) or Mouse (green)
s video S Video Super Video S Video found on older video cards
rca RCA Port RCA Port Use for Legacy Video and Sound also known as composite video connectors
lightning Lightning Port Apple iPhones and IPAD connectors Connector use for Apple Devices
Centronics Parallel Printer end Connection A standard interface for connecting parallel printer devices
DB Connectors
Parallel Port Parallel Devices (Printer, Scanner, External Devices and Zip Drives)

ECP 8 bits wide 1.5Mbps-2.77Mbps
EPP 4 bits wide 600Kbps
LPT address

SCSI_50 SCSI Devices 3 rows use by External SCSI devices
SCSI_68 SCSI Devices 2 rows use by External SCSI devices
Analog Video Port or VGA Port Analog Monitor Port 3 rows with 15 holes use by CRT or LCD monitors found on video cards
Digital Video Interface Port Digital Monitor Port Digital Video Interface use by the newer LCD monitors found on newer graphics cards

Joystick, Game and MIDI devices 2 rows 15 holes found on sound cards
Serial 9 Port Serial Mouse, PDA, Modem and Digital Camera

2 rows male 9 pins
1 bit wide transfer
Backwards compatibility
COM address
RS Recommended Standard

Serial 25 Port Serial Modem, Printers and Scanners

2 rows 25 pins

display_port Display Port Display Port Display Port use for video
hdmi HDMI Port HD Signals Use by HDTV technology
sata SATA Port SATA use for internal and external hard drives

SATA Speeds

SATA 150MB/s
SATA 300MB/s
SATA 600MB/s
SATA 19600MB/s

High Speed Connectors



usb cUSB_C

USB Ports

usb symbol

USB Devices (Keyboards, Mouse)

1. Hot Swappable

2. Speed
USB 1.0 1.5Mbps
USB 1.1 12Mbps
USB 2.0 480Mbps
USB 3.0 4.8Gbps
USB 3.1 10Gbps

3. Daisy Chain
127 Devices

 4 Pin

6 pin firewire 6 Pin

9 pin firewire 9 Pin

Firewire or IEEE 1394 Ports

firewire symbol

Firewire Devices
(High Speed Multimedia Devices Video Cam or iPOD devices)

1. Hot Swappable

2. Speed
IEEE1394_a 400Mbps
IEEE1394_b 800Mbps
IEEE 1394 1.6 1600Mbps
IEEE 1394 3.2 3200Mbps

3. Daisy Chain
63 Devices


sc SC


lc LC

Fiber Optic Ports

Straight Tip

Square Connector

Mechanical Transfer
Register Jack

Local or Lucent Connector

Fiber Optic Connections

1. Immune to EMI

2. Very Fast

3. Can Travel great distances

4. Most Secure hardest to hack cable

aka LightPeak
Thunderbolt is a very high speed connection that is commonly found on most new computers today Speeds

Thunderbolt 10Gbps

Thunderbolt 2 20Gpbs

Thunderbolt 3 40Gpbs

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