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Goal Plan Sacrifice

You have made a decision to become certified in computers, lose weight, become a millionaire et. but there is one thing that is stopping you, where do you begin or how do you start?

Do you know that most people that are successful have a plan? A strategy a sort of road map. It is really  easy if you want to be a millionaire you find someone who is a millionaire if you want to be successful in computers you find someone who knows a lot about computers. 

One of the things I have developed in many of my seminars and speaking engagement is the concept of GPS (In the world of traveling this is known as a Global Positioning Satellite a tool use to find our way especially if we get lost and being a typical guy  I do not ask for directions) 

So here is my idea of GPS in real life

G (Goal) 

P (Plan)

S (Sacrifice)

Most successful people have dreams you cannot get anywhere without a Goal a great Chinese philosopher once said that "a thousand mile journey begins with a single step" Every successful company, project, championship that was ever built began with a goal in mind.

Without a plan or a road map it is hard to get anywhere?  Are you following the right plan. If you wanted to be an expert in getting around Chicago and instead I gave you the map of Cleveland guess what? you are never going anywhere you can work hard but the results your lost. That is why people fail it is not that there not hard workers or not talented but they are living a life without some sort of plan or the right directions a famous saying goes "fail to plan plan to fail"

Now comes perhaps the most difficult part of GPS (SACRIFICE) with this you are going to become successful the word sacrifice means you do whatever it takes to reach the mountain top.  You will get rejection you will fail but eventually if you keep at it you will eventually succeed providing you have incorporated the first 2 of Goal and Plan then Sacrifice. I was watching the Olympics I always wondered what is the different between the gold medalist and the silver medalist? you guess it sacrifice. Who put it the most hours and dedication.  They once ask Larry Bird why he shoots so many baskets before and after practice after making so many all star teams and becoming an MVP his response that is why I am the champion.
So if you want to succeed in anything you have the best GPS in the world which is GOAL, PLAN and SACRIFICE  

Jo Blitz Escotal


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