Hardware Notes

A+ Acronyms
Bus Devices Notes
Case Notes
Computer Ports
CD/DVD Notes
Central Processing Unit
Computer 101
Computer Measurements
Customer Support, and Communication
External Connector Chart
Hard Drives Notes
Hardware Troubleshooting
Internet Connection Notes
Memory Notes
Monitor/LCD Notes
Motherboard Notes
Networking Notes
PATA vs SATA Hard Drives

Portable Computers
POST (Power on Self Test)
Power Supply
Printer Notes
Printer Troubleshooting
Safety Notes
SCSI Devices
Software 101
Sound Card Notes
Storage Devices
System Resources
Video Adapter Notes
Virus Notes
Wireless Networking Notes

Motherboard Diagrams

AT Motherboard Diagram
ATX Motherboard Diagram
Motherboard Diagram 1
Motherboard Diagram 2

Operating System Notes

OS Hardware Requirements
Operating Systems
OS Boot Files

Windows Vista/7/XP Comparison notes

Windows 9x Notes
Windows 2K Notes
Windows NT Notes
Windows XP Notes
Windows 7 Notes
Windows 8 Notes
Windows Vista Notes

Windows Networking Hands on

Windows Run Commands

Windows Error Messages

MS DOS Commands

MS DOS Notes
MS DOS Error Messages

Networking Notes

data center

Internet Access
Network Central Concentrators
Networking Chart
Networking Media
Networking IEEE 802 Standards
Networking Notes
Networking Topologies
OSI 7 Layer Model
Peer to Peer Networking in Windows
Ports Logical
Protocols and Services
Specialized Network Devices
TCP/IP Chart
Wireless Networking

Security Notes

Security+ Acronyms
Security Notes

UNIX and LINUX Notes

UNIX Commands

Web Design Notes

HTML Reference Guide
Web Authoring Tools
Web Safe Color Chart


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