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5. Swordfish (2001)
One of the most outrageous plot in hacker movie. John Travolta is awesome as the villain, Hugh Jackman as the hero hacker, and Halle Berry (well just watch the movie and you will see what I mean). I love the part in the beginning where the Hugh Jackman’s character cracks the defense system in less than 60 seconds. This movie is over the top, plenty of computer gibberish(lots of command line, firewall terms etc.) that will never work in real life  lots of techno music and plenty of hot women to make this a must movie to watch.

4. Hackers (1995)
I think I love this movie more because it was one of the first roles that Angelina Jolie starred in. The film follows the exploits of a group of gifted high school hackers and their involvement in a corporate extortion conspiracy. I love how this movie typically portray teenage hackers

3. Wargames (1983)
“Would you like to play a game” A young innocent kid (Matthew Broderick) finds a way to war dial using a tone loc program and infiltrate the nuclear defense system and almost starts world war 3.
Consider the best hacking movie of the 80's genre movies

2. Sneakers (1992)
This movie chronicles’ the life of two college friends who take different paths in life. One becomes an ethical hacker, and the other...well, let's just say he is doing plenty of black hat activities. A lot of twists and turns and pretty much came at a time when the World Wide Web was starting to become popular this is the most realistic hacking movie of all time if your interested in what penetration testing is this is the movie for you

1. Track down (2000)
This movie shows the story of one of the greatest social engineering hacker of all time Kevin Mitnick and how he was captured and turned in by another hacker this is considered the best hacker movie of all time

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