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Are you unemployed?

I know the feeling I was in that position a couple of times and I share your pain.  I have been downsized, fired, and I was once let go by the President of the company in my younger days because they needed one of their kids to get experience talk about blatant nepotism.  At first being unemployed was cool especially if you hated your job I woke up when I wanted to I got to enjoy many of the things in life we take for granted like going to the zoo or I just liked the feeling of doing nothing, eating my bon bons and watching General Hospital.  However after a certain amount of time guilt and anger starts setting in. Why me, poor me, life is hard, blah, blah, I could not have imagine this situation if I had kids or a family to support for, luckily my beloved parents had an extra bedroom for me to stay in as they look at me with disgust. So one day they told me how I was a loser and I started crying and luckily for me I had a mentor that was once in my situation and gave me some advice.  “Why are you crying? It is only true if you believe it.” He told me this thing of being unemployed is temporary you want to get back at everyone be successful. From that day on I had an epiphany I said to myself I will live my life to the fullest and start doing something about it instead of feeling sorry for myself.

So here is my two cents about being unemployed and what you can do about it.

  1. This is the time for a good old fashion gut check this is where you look in the mirror and asks yourself what is my purpose in life? Either you do something about it or not. Do not be one of those people looking at the mirror asking why me? And having some Jack Daniels bottle at your hand listening to the Carpenter’s.  Do something about it.

  2. Getting angry especially justified anger over how your company let you go or how the economy sucks will not help you they do not care this will only hurt you in the long run take that emotion and starting today say these words “I AM A FREE AGENT” I remember a Seinfeld episode where George stated that he was the master of his domain. Become  a master of your domain

  3. This unemployment time means enjoy the moments with your love ones play with your kids, help the wife with the laundry and really appreciate your love ones they will be there for the good and the bad. Life is a precious things appreciate what you have.

  4. Retraining figure out what is it that you really want to do and figure out how you can profit from this thing. When I got fired I did an inventory of the skill sets I had and the next project I wanted to do and said I was either going to be a Playboy photographer or a Computer Teacher I did the next best thing and become  a recruiter for Playboy but it was not what I thought it would be the fantasy was so different from the Reality I mean those girls was pretty but no one looks like that in real life it was all air brush plus the environment was the most un-sexual place for it was a business 20 people standing around eating their lunches and even if I did have a chance to date one of those models I would have been blacklisted for dating them. So I choose to be a computer teacher the chance of trying to help others reach their goals made me realized I have the best job in the world.

  5. Start to understand how money works.  You need to learn how to make more than one income the thing you need to do is diversify.  I have my job which is teaching but I also invest, real estate, my business and the ironic thing about it I make more money in those fields where I do not have to be physically present than my actual job of teaching which is what I love to do.

  6. Work hard for the week and Work even harder for the weekend of knowing people. It’s not what you know but who you know this is how life works. Do not wait till the last minute and become reactive in things that you will later need in life. Start knowing people’s BDAY, Anniversaries and eventually when you need something such as a job or a client they will remember you.  It amazes me how people call me out of the blue after there in a desperate situation and help them get a job when I have not heard from them for all these years.

  7. The reason you did not get hired is simple you did not provide VALUE. Remember how you would ask out a girl and they would say things like I am not ready to be in relationship well what there really saying is there not ready to date you.  Companies no matter how tough the economy always has an opening especially if you can provide them value. I do not have a sales position right now but if you can convince me that you can make me money guess what I have an opening.  Remember a business sole reason for existence is to make a profit. Never blame the economy I know right now it is difficult but it’s not like I am asking you to win the lottery.  Remember people quit, downsize, fired, retire and die so someone needs to fill these positions. Getting a job is not charity you have to show your company or clients how you can provide them value with your valuable skills.

  8. Help others it so easy to get caught up in our situation but helping others is the best therapy in the world.  This will make you realize that you do not have it that bad and in turn will relax you so that in the long run you can make better decisions.

  9. Volunteer if there no one giving you chance, convince a company or a client to try you out for free give them free samples of what you can bring to the table. They have nothing to lose and if you provide them value they will see that you are the right person for the job. Sometimes this is a radical approach to getting your foot in the door. Remember employers want proof that your skills set is what they need in order to make a profit.

  10. Live below your means I know at first this was hard but you know what, do you really need that 65 inch HDTV or that new IPhone or subscription to the gym a lot of things in life is free and hanging out with your love ones is the best therapy of them all. I was once ashamed to go out with my friends for I was embarrassed because I did have money but then I realize I miss them and they miss me and going to the park for a free movie or going jogging or playing basketball with them or have a coordinated good old fashioned pot luck once a week at someone’s house was very affordable it was the experience we needed to get us to the rough times.

    Jo Blitz Escotal


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