Web Design and Development
Escotal.Com specializes in the design of dynamic and unique web sites. We incorporate years of experience and business acumen into the actualization of award winning sites. We have a diverse client list that ranges from corporate to small business to non-for-profit organizations. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can intuit the best approach to a selling your website.

Page Layout Design
We'll produce a well-conceived web page layout that will synthesize your site into a unified whole while keeping it creative and distinct.

Multimedia and Animation Design
To entice, dazzle and elicit interaction on your website, Multimedia and Animation is sometimes necessary. We use animation programs such as Flash and Image Ready; we organize it in such a way as to not isolate any potential customers from your site.

Logo Design and Banner Ad Design
The identity of your online business is key when getting noticed on the web. If you have an idea for a notable logo, or would like us to invent one, we'll make sure we provide you with one that is uniquely you, one that will be remembered by everyone. The same goes for any Banner Ads you would like on your site.

Web Administration
We'll maintain your web site after the site is completed, making sure your site is always user-friendly, current, and attractive to Internet users and clients. And if there is something you want to change, no problem. We're always here for you, ready to realize anything you envision, keeping your site superior among the competition.

Web Hosting
Knowledge of a great web hosting company is essential when producing a site. We have an established working relationship with major web hosting companies such as Interland and Yahoo. They know us and are ready to assist us when we need them, making your site accessible quickly by reducing the inevitable downtime that occurs on the Internet